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The story of Go See Talents

In 2019, founder and CEO Johanna met Babak, an AI developer of doctor degree from Iran. Babak is a brilliant developer, however, an introvert. He was being interviewed for a developer job in Sweden and HR asked, “What do you need to do a good job?” His answer was very simple, “Not so much, just a computer and an internet connection.”

Babak didn’t make it to the next step nor get the chance to meet the CTO or the development team as he didn’t manage to present himself in a way that met the expectation of a European employer. Johanna found it such a shame because she knew the CTO of the company would’ve loved him if he had the chance to meet Babak.

As a developer herself, Johanna has witnessed so many amazing talents fail to present themselves meanwhile so many companies struggle to find excellent developers due to the developer shortage in Europe. She wanted to make a difference. She wants to help developers land jobs in Europe and help companies find great developers. And GO SEE platform was built. Johanna believes that global hiring can be made easy.

Go See Talents is a SaaS application made to shape the future of global hiring through data-driven methods, automation, and AI matching. This is where tech talents from all around the world meet European companies. Talents can create and share an interactive CV made of programming test scores and pre-recorded interviews to show not only validated technical skills but also his/her personality, and ultimately stand out among traditional profiles. Employers have access to pre-qualified talents. Smart matching will speed up candidates selection and reduce the time to hire by 50% for employers. With the support of relocation and remote setup, employers will have a smooth and accelerated hiring process.

Our cultural values

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We grow together

We are eager to learn and try out new things, we seek to improve ourselves and how we work together with the team. We believe that failure is the road to success.

We are diverse

We are different ages, genders, and come from many cultures. We are inclusive and open and we believe that our differences make us stronger.

We are kind

We look out for each other and believe that it is important to help each other out. We are open and deliver our message with kindness and respect.

We have fun

We enjoy spending time together and we believe that it is important to laugh and celebrate - whether it is playing sports, having dinner or coding.