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The story of Go See Talents

We are a Swedish startup building an open platform for CV data, the key to digitizing the recruitment industry and creating the next generation hiring. 

Go See Talents was founded in 2017 to solve the developer shortage problem in Europe - we lack 760.000*! Our team has first-hand experience as recruiting managers and developers and know the challenges in building a great tech team today. Our first mission was to bring great developers from around the world to Europe. And this is what we have done successfully for the past 3 years. 

Our global network grew and we needed to automate our recruitment process. We started exploring tools to gather CV data on talents, like programming tests and video platforms to be able to share with employers. We discovered that there is a fundamental gap in the industry - it was hard to reuse and get control of data because it is locked to specific vendors/ employers. As a consequence, all data needs to be created from scratch in every hiring process. One hire takes 52-70 days today and the figure is actually increasing! Through smart data reuse, we got it down to 16-25 days! 

We realized the key to truly disrupt this industry is giving talents control of their own CV data instead of corporations. It’s a win-win and - enabling everyone to save time through reuse and intelligence.

Our cultural values

We grow together

We are eager to learn and try out new things, we seek to improve ourselves and how we work together with the team. We believe that failure is the road to success.

We are diverse

We are different ages, genders, and come from many cultures. We are inclusive and open and we believe that our differences make us stronger.

We are kind

We look out for each other and believe that it is important to help each other out. We are open and deliver our message with kindness and respect.

We have fun

We enjoy spending time together and we believe that it is important to laugh and celebrate - whether it is playing sports, having dinner or coding.

Go See Talents AB


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