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By Go See Talents  |  February 18, 2019

Elpida Tatidou is one of our talented consultants working as a UX designer. At the same time, she is working on her startup BANKI - a FinTech service that educates children about the value of money.


At Go See Talents, we feel very strongly about the Stockholm startup and FinTech scene. So, when our CEO and founder Johanna Antonsson first met with Elpida in autumn 2018, she knew that Elpida was on her way to create something amazing.


Since then, Johanna has had the privilege to be one of Elpida's mentors.

We met with Elpida and asked her about BANKI and the importance of having a mentor. See the result in the movie above!


BANKI is a mobile application focusing on helping children build an understanding of how money works. It teaches children how their economy works and to become money savvy, giving them the confidence to manage their funds. BANKI is a fun, engaging app for the whole family to learn and play.

Join the waiting list, now!

Be the first one to try the free mobile app - sign up on www.mybanki.app.

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