Go See Talents

FAQ for Employers



Why should I use the Go See platform?

When logged-in to the Go See platform, you have hundreds of already qualified, available developers and other tech talents at your fingertips. You don’t have to put in time to create and post a job ad and wait for applicants, you can just find what you need straight away in the platform. You get access to all available data about the talent, such as technical test results, video interview, links to hobby projects and the full CV. 

The Go See platform will do the screening for you and present the most interesting talents first. You can browse and filter until you find the right talent for you, whom you would like to invite for an interview with your company. You can contact, interview and hire as many talents as you need as this is included in your paid subscription plan. 


If I sign up, does it cost me anything?

It’s completely harmless to sign-up. Go for the free subscription to get you started. We will not charge you with anything and it’s just a couple of clicks away. You decide if and when you wish to upgrade to a paid subscription. 


I can’t find my magic link, why is that?

Your magic link is sent straight to your email inbox. Depending on your inbox setting, it can in some cases end up in the spam or promotion folders. Check these folders or simply search. The magic link is sent from noreply@goseetalents.com. 


How can I change the email address for my account?

You can’t update it yourself at this point, since it is the key to your account. If this is very important to you to change, drop us an email at support@goseetalents.com and we will help you sort it out. 


Subscription plans and payment

Why should I pay for a subscription?

A paid subscription will give you access to all talent contact details. You can hire as many talents as you need and only pay the subscription fee. We do not charge you with any success fees or other hidden costs. The paid subscription will make it possible for you to contact, interview and hire as many talents as you wish and need. 


How can I upgrade from a free subscription plan?

The easiest way to upgrade is to sign-in into the platform and choose to upgrade from there. We will adhere to your request within 24 hours (on weekdays) and process your request as soon as we can. It’s easy and very smooth.

Can you describe the process for upgrading a subscription?

Of course. As soon as you request to upgrade your subscription plan, whether it’s via an email to us or via the platform, we will promptly start the upgrade process. 

We will contact you and send you a draft contract and also ask for the contact details for who should sign the contract for your company. We will also ask you where to send the invoice.

As soon as we have received these details and answered any questions you might have, we will finalize the contract and have both parties sign digitally. 

We will send the invoice to the agreed address and we will upgrade your subscription with the agreed start-date as stated in the contract. 

You and your colleagues will be able to start using the platform on the paid subscription plan and get access to all the features connected to that subscription plan. 


The hiring process

OK, so I found a talent who I would like to meet for an interview, what do I do?

First of all, you need to be on a paid subscription plan. If you are not, request to upgrade your subscription first (see the section about subscription plans and upgrades). 

If you are on a paid subscription plan, then you are free to contact any talent you wish and initiate a conversation and ask for an interview. You find the contact details in the section “Contact” on the interactive CV. We recommend you to tell them a little bit about your company and also about the specific team and role where you want to hire. Suggest a couple of dates/times which will suit you and which you think will suit the talent (keep in mind time zones). This will speed up the process of finding a good time for both parties for the interview. 


Do I have to inform Go See Talents when I interview someone? 

No, you don’t. You are free to contact and interview any talent you wish.


How do I know which talents are open for a new job?

The talents you find on your employer dashboard are all open for a new job opportunity. However, it’s not only in Sweden and Europe that developers have many job offers to choose from. This is also the case for some other countries in the world. Things change fast and of course it can happen that a talent you find on your employment dashboard got a new job just the other day and didn’t have time to update their status on their interactive CV on the platform. 


I saw an interesting talent yesterday on the platform, but today I can’t find her again. How come?

The talent chooses in her settings whether she wants to appear on the Employer dashboard or not. She probably changed her settings and that’s why it seems like she “disappeared”. 

How long does it take to hire someone on the Go See Talents platform?

We cut the screening time for you with about 50%. You will save a lot of time in screening and it will be quick for you to find the right talent for you. The majority of talents you will find on the employer dashboard, have complete interactive CV:s with both video interview and technical test results. 


I interviewed a couple of talents and now would like to hire one of them, what is the next step?

First of all, do you and the talent want to do a direct recruitment or a remote set-up to start off with? See section about Remote work if that is how you want to start off.

For direct recruitment you will negotiate and agree on the terms and conditions for the employment directly with the talent. You prepare the employment contract and have it signed just as any other employment. You might want to have support in the work permit process and relocation. Let us know and we will put you in touch with trusted partners of ours for this. Go See Talents has many years of experience from hiring developers from all over the world and we know how a successful global hiring is done. Let us help you. With an experienced relocation partner, your global hiring will be smooth and efficient. 


What is a normal notice period for talents?

The notice period varies from country to country and from employer to employer. A normal notice period range is 2-8 weeks. It’s uncommon with longer notice periods, but they do exist of course. 


For example, many talents in South America have a 2 weeks notice period with their current employer. In India, a normal notice period is 4-8 weeks. 


Work permit & relocation

Work permits seem very complicated, we have no previous experience, can we really do this?

Sure you can. We recommend seeking assistance from a relocation company which is specialised in arranging work permits and relocation. Go See Talents have many years of experience from hiring developers from countries outside of the EU, arranging work permits and relocating them here. We know how it works and what is important. We work together with a relocation company which we are happy to set you in connection with. 


We have never arranged a work permit before, how does it work? How long does it take?

Make sure you get connected with a relocation company (Go See is happy to assist you in this) and they will make sure the work permit process is smooth and efficient. Obviously, the first time takes a little bit longer than the second time. Companies with a stable financial situation can get certified and get a “fast track” which means a work permit is arranged in just 2-3 weeks. 

It’s almost impossible to get an apartment in Stockholm, how can we help the talent to find housing?

Thankfully, the relocation companies have a very good network of landlords and are happy to arrange an apartment for the talent. They will help the talent with the search, digital viewings, contracts and the moving-in inspection. Go See Talents are happy to set you in connection with a trusted relocation agency. 


Why do the developers want to relocate to Europe and Sweden?

This is very individual of course and difficult to give a general answer for all of the talents. We do know however that many are motivated by:

  • Sweden is well known for its quality of life, work/life balance and equality (this is particularly important for many talents from countries with an unstable political and social structure) 

  • Getting to know the European work culture and social life


The talent says he/she already has a valid work permit for Sweden, how do I know that’s true?

A work permit is connected to a specific company and a specific individual. That means a new work permit needs to be applied for every time an individual changes jobs. The talent has probably misunderstood how it works, or the talent holds a permanent residence. A relocation agency can help you sort this out. Let us know if you want Go See Talents to put you in connection with one. 


How long is the work permit valid?

The work permit is valid for 2 years and then it’s possible to apply for an extension of another 2 years. Then it’s possible to apply for a permanent residence.    


Remote work

What are the benefits of remote work?

More and more organisations experience the benefits of having developers working for them remotely. The remote set-up is a great way for both the employer and the talent to work together and get to know each other, without having to make any big decisions. It’s a big step to decide to arrange a work permit and relocate a talent from another country. And of course, it’s also a big step for the talent, to move to a new country where they don’t know the language nor the culture. Many organisations with experience from both remote work and relocation, are now routinely starting off remotely and when both parties are ready, they do the work permit and relocation process. It is a great way of getting to know each other and work together with low risk for both parties. 


Can we get help in arranging a remote set-up?

Yes, of course. Go See Talents has many years of experience from hiring developers from all over the world and arranging remote set-ups. We have a network of partners in this in different parts of the world. Let us know if you want us to set you in connection with any of those and you can have a developer working remotely for you in no time.


What are the challenges with remote work?

Different time zones can be challenging for both parties, but our experience is that this is transient. It goes quickly to adjust and to find the times where the talent and the organisation will be online, being able to schedule meetings and so on. 


We would like to start off with the developer working remotely for us, can we do that?

Sure. This is totally up to you as the employer and for the talent to decide. Most talents are definitely open to start off remotely as this is a risk-free set-up where both parties can get to know each other before taking the big decisions around work permit and relocation. 


How long can we have someone working remotely for us?

This is up to you as the employer and the talent. Most common is to have a remote set-up for 6-10 months. After that, most initiate the relocation process. 


We hired a developer for remote work and our intention was to relocate her to Sweden, but unfortunately our plans have changed. What can we do, can we end it?

This is unfortunate for both parties of course, but these things can happen to anyone. The remote work set-up can be ended according to the notice period you have agreed on. 


Applicant tracking system (ATS)

We are using an ATS, how does that work together with the Go See platform?

The Go See platform is not an ATS. The Go See platform will be a great add-on to your ATS and for your screening and hiring process. You will save time in your screening process and you will gain access to available and already qualified candidates. You keep track of the hiring process in your ATS just as you do today. 

The Go see platform will be integrated with major ATS systems so you seamlessly can move talents between them. If you are interested to know more about this option please contact us.


Can we integrate our ATS with the Go See platform?

We have ATS integrations in our platform roadmap, so you are most welcome to contact us if you and your company are interested in this. 



Where do the talents come from?
The Go See platform is open for all talents and it is free for them to sign-up and share their interactive CV with employers. The Go See platform contains talents from all over the world and per January 2021 more than 45 countries are represented. 


How can I find the right talent for me?

The Go See platform helps you out with the screening and presents the most interesting talents first in the carousels on the employer dashboard. The platform is intelligent and will learn from your interactions. You can browse in the carousels and you can also use the filter to choose for example a specific technology or years of experience. This will narrow down your search result even more. 


I’m looking for Java developers only, how can I find them?

Use the filter on top of the employer dashboard. You can enter more than one technical skill in the filter and you can also choose the years of experience you are looking for. For example, you can filter for “Java, AWS, Spring Boot” and only get talents that match all your criteria. Best matches will always be presented first to save you a lot of time. 


I didn’t get any hits when I used the filter, why is that?

Maybe it was too narrow? Try to remove a couple of filter criteria and try again. You should get hits for the most common technologies. Of course, some very rare technologies could cause you to get no hits. Contact the Go See team on support@goseetalents.com if you can’t find what you are looking for. We will try our best to help you sort it out. We have a global network of talents and partners and may be able to help in your global search for specific roles and competencies.

Programming tests and technical tests

How do the programming tests and technical tests work? 

The tests are provided by a partner to Go See Talents. The talent is invited to take tests and adds the test results to the CV when done. The talent cannot change the test result. The test result is automatically fetched by the Go See platform and presented on the CV. 


What about security and fraud, how do I know the test results are reliable?

The IP-address, location, date/time is logged when talent takes the test. For multiple choice questions, the design and presentation of the questions makes it very difficult to, for example, copy/paste and google for the correct answers. For free-coding tests, the way of solving the problem and also the frequency of running new code, will indicate fraud if any. 


What kind of tests are there?

There are two types of tests:

  • Multiple choice test

  • Free-code test


A multiple choice test consists of a number of questions with predefined answer options. Some of the multiple choice tests are adaptive. That means they adapt to what the talent answers. If the talent answers correctly, the talent will get more difficult questions and if the talent answers incorrectly, the talent will get easier questions. 


The free code test is a problem solving and programming test. The talent is presented with a problem and situation and the talent will solve it by coding. This test requires the talent to not only solve the problem, but also use expected coding practices correctly and to cover all possible scenarios (which are not given to the talent beforehand). 


How come not all talents have test results?

It’s not mandatory for talents to do technical tests. We do however recommend that they do the technical tests as these results will strengthen their CV. If you come across an interesting talent who doesn’t have any test results, you are most welcome to reach out to that talent and ask them to complete the tests. There is no better motivation for a talent than a possible job opportunity. 


How do I interpret the test result?

The talent’s test score is automatically compared to all other developers who have taken the same test (this means hundreds or in some cases thousands of other developers). For example, a talent got 60% as a test score. This means the talent scored better than most, better than 60% of the developers who have taken the test. It does not mean that the talent answered correctly on 60% of the questions. 

The tests are generally not easy and getting top scores requires great skills and experience. 


What does the test report tell me? 

You can check out the report to see more details of the test result and also a better description of how the talent compares to others who have taken the same test. 


What tech skills are there tests for? 

New tests are added frequently. The most frequently used programming languages are represented with tests and also very popular frameworks. As per December 2020, these tech skills are represented with tests:

.NET Core, Android, Angular, C, C# - Desktop, C# - Web, C++, Cobol, Golang, HTML/CSS, iOS Objective C, iOS Swift, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, React.js, Ruby on Rails, Sharepoint, SQL, Scala, Machine learning and AI

How many technical tests can the talent do?

The talent can do max 4 technical tests and add to the CV. 


I can’t see any test results on this talent’s CV, why is that?

It is voluntary to do the technical tests, so it is up to the talent to decide. We recommend all talents to do technical tests as this strengthens the CV a lot. Some talents don’t do the technical tests straight away, but they will appear on the employer dashboard anyway if all other important sections on the CV are complete. You are welcome to reach out to the talent and ask them to take a particular test if you wish.


Video interview

Why should I have a look at the video interview?

The video interview is short and you can choose to watch the full interview or choose which answers you want to have a look at. The video interview is a great way to get a feeling for a talent’s personality and social skills as well as the language skills. It should not replace a full, normal hiring interview process, but it gives you a good start and saves you time in the screening. 


How was the interview recorded?

The interview consists of five pre-recorded questions and the talent takes the interview on-demand at his/her own convenience. The video interview is available for the talent on his/her interactive CV.


Why don’t every talent have a video interview recorded?

It’s voluntary for the talent to do the interview. We recommend all talents to do it as this is a great way of showing employers a bit of their personality and English skills. If you come across a talent that seems interesting but hasn’t taken the video interview, you are most welcome to reach out to the talent and ask them to do it. 



When will the service be responsive for mobile?

This is something we know many of our users want, so we are working hard on releasing that very soon. Stay tuned! 


Can the talents see me or find me as an employer on the platform?

No, they cannot. You decide what you want to disclose when you contact a talent. We do recommend you to be open and transparent with who you are, what your company does and what the role entails. This will give you an advantage and make the process quicker. Remember, a talent may have more than one employer reaching out to him/her. 

It is possible that we will make it possible for talents to reach out to employers as well, in the future. However, we will never do that without asking for your permission first. You decide over your data.  



How can I be sure you take care of my personal data in a GDPR-secured way?
We feel a great responsibility to store your personal data in a secure way and adhere to the GDPR regulations for secure storing and secure infrastructure. Check out our privacy policy if you want to know more. 


I want to get an extract of all data you have stored about me, what do I do?

Please contact us at privacy@goseetalents.com and we will provide you with an extract. 


I want to be removed from your database, what do I do?

Just send us an email at support@goseetalents.com and request to be removed. We will process your request as soon as we can and send you a confirmation email when it’s done. Make sure you send the request from the same email address as you have been using for the Go See Talents account. All your personal data will be permanently deleted.


Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact us at support@goseetalents.com and we will answer you shortly.