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FAQ for Talents
We will help you stand out from the crowd and succeed!



If I sign up, do I have to pay something?

It’s completely harmless to sign-up. Go for the free subscription to get you started. We will not charge you with anything and it’s just a couple of clicks away. You decide if and when you wish to upgrade. 


I can’t find my magic link, why is that?

Your magic link is sent straight to your email inbox. Depending on your inbox setting, it can in some cases end up in the spam or promotion folders. Check these folders or simply search. The magic link is sent from noreply@goseetalents.com


How can I change the email address for my account?

You can’t update it yourself at this point, since it is the key to your account. If this is very important to you to change, drop us an email at support@goseetalents.com and we will help you sort it out. 


Create my digital CV

What are the most important parts to complete in the CV?

A traditional CV contains just plain text and maybe a picture. The Go See Talents interactive CV is a lot more than that.


The basic data needs to be added to the CV of course. However, if you really want to stand out of the crowd and get through the buzz, we advise you to put extra effort into:

  • Taking relevant tests and adding the results to your CV

  • Taking the video interview and adding it to your CV

  • Uploading good quality photos of yourself

Technical tests

What kind of technical tests are there?

There are two types of tests:

  • Multiple choice test

  • Free-code test


A multiple choice test consists of a number of questions with predefined answer options. You choose the one which you think is the right one. 

Some of the multiple choice tests are adaptive. That means they adapt to what you answer. If you answer correctly, you will get more difficult questions and if you answer incorrectly, you will get easier questions. 


The free code test is a problem solving test. You get presented with a problem and situation and you will solve it by coding. 


How long does it take to complete a test?

It typically takes 40-50 minutes to complete one test. 


What tech skills are there tests for? 

New tests are added frequently. The most frequently used programming languages are represented with tests and also very popular frameworks. As per October 2020, these tech skills are represented with tests:

.NET Core, Android, Angular, C, C# - Desktop, C# - Web, C++, Cobol, Golang, HTML/CSS, iOS Objective C, iOS Swift, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, React.js, Ruby on Rails, Sharepoint, SQL, Scala

I have added my tech skills, but I don’t get any test suggestions. Why is that?

There could be a few reasons for that:

  • There are no tests available for the tech skills you have added. Solution: rearrange your tech skills, make sure you have your core skills on top

  • The tech skills you added are misspelled. Solution: check spelling and choose tech skill from the list rather than typing it yourself to avoid this 


I have taken a test, but I don’t see the result on my CV. Why is that?

You need to add it to your CV. Nothing will be added to your CV, without you approving. You can add it through the right panel on your CV or by clicking on the Test section and choose to add the result to your CV. 


I have taken a test and I’m not happy with my result. Can I redo the test?

You cannot redo this particular test, but you yourself will decide if you want to add the result to your CV or not. You can also take another test. Check out the different subscription plans and possible add-ons at https://www.goseetalents.com/pricing if you want to be able to take more tests.  

Video interview

What happens when I click on the interview button?

You will be redirected to our partner RecRight, where you can choose to start the video interview. You can do as many takes as you want, before you decide to submit. You don’t have to start or complete the interview straight away. You can revisit another day and continue if you like.

What are your best tips for me, for the video interview?

Go See Talents has been using video interviews for more than a year and we have learned a lot. We want you to succeed, so we are happy to share our best tips with you.


  1. Make sure you are in a quiet space

  2. Make sure you have good Internet connection

  3. Make sure you have good lighting (outside in daylight is the best)

  4. Use your mobile device for best result (the recording is optimized for mobile camera)

  5. Speak slowly and extra clearly (accents can be difficult to understand sometimes)

  6. Keep your answers short and to the point (max 2 mins per response)

  7. Be genuine and be yourself

  8. Don’t be afraid to show energy and passion for your profession

  9. Smile!


I’m not happy with the quality of my video, what is wrong? 

You get the best quality when using simple video equipment like in most mobile devices. We recommend you to do the interview with your mobile device. 


How long does it take to do the video interview?

There are 5 questions in the interview for you to answer and we recommend you to keep your answers very short, max 2 mins per question. 


Is the video interview really that important? I don’t like to be on camera.

The video interview is a great way for you to really stand out and showcase your personality. An interactive CV without video can showcase your skill-set, but not your personality. Personality is as important as skills in modern agile teams. 


I have taken the video interview, but I don’t see it on my CV. Why is that?

You need to add it to your CV. Nothing will be added to your CV, without you approving. You can add it through the right panel on your CV. 


How many photos can I upload?

You can upload max 3 photos.


What kind of photos do you recommend me to choose?

We recommend you to choose casual photos. Rather portrait than full-length photos. The best photos are very often casual vacation photos where you are smiling and relaxed. Passport photos are usually too stiff and impersonal. 


Share my digital CV

How can I share my CV with possible employers?

Just click on the Share button and you will get a shareable URL that you can freely share and use. Your CV needs to be in Public mode for employers to be able to access it and view it. This is a setting you easily change yourself.


I shared my CV, but now I want to block people from accessing it, what do I do?

Just change your CV state to Private and no one but yourself will be able to access it. 


Can I download my CV as a pdf?

Coming very soon and will be included in the Basic and Premium subscriptions. Check out subscription plans here: https://www.goseetalents.com/pricing . 



When will the service be responsive for mobile?

This is something we know many of our users want, so we are working hard on releasing that very soon. Stay tuned! 


Will you match my profile with possible employers out there?

Not yet, but this is in our roadmap for the very near future. However, we will never do that without asking for your permission first. You decide over your data.  



How can I be sure you take care of my personal data in a GDPR-secured way?

We feel a great responsibility to store your personal data in a secure way and adhere to the GDPR regulations for secure storing and secure infrastructure. 


I want to get an extract of all data you have stored about me, what do I do?

What we have stored about you, is what you see in your digital CV. We store nothing else. You can download your CV as pdf if you like. 


I want to be removed from your database, what do I do?

Just send us an email at support@goseetalents.com and request to be removed. We will process your request as soon as we can and send you a confirmation email when it’s done. Make sure you send the request from the same email address as you have been using for the Go See Talents account. All your personal data will be permanently deleted.


Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact us at support@goseetalents.com and we will answer you shortly.