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Get quick access to senior developers with experience in Java, .NET, Frontend and more

Stockholm has the potential to become the Silicon Valley of Europe but the lack of developers is stopping us. We want to solve this by bringing talented developers from all over the world to the booming tech scene in Stockholm.


Our diverse team consists of Fullstack, Backend and Frontend Developers with expertise in Java, .NET, Javascript and more. We also have Mobile Developers, UI Designers, DevOps and Test Automation Specialists.

We make it easy to hire

international tech talent:

Speed. Experienced, international developers in place within 4-6 weeks compared to 4-6 months for a Swedish developer.
Quality. Working with partners understanding tech as well as Swedish and local culture ensures high quality.
Full service. Scouting, recruitment, relocation, permits, housing, culture, language training, local networking etc.

Our professional developers have a minimum of 5 years of experience from well known international organisations and a solid academic background. We are specialized in fintech and our consultants have a strong background in this field.


We have an international network of senior developers ready to relocate to Sweden. Go See Try-and-Hire means you can have a senior developer starting in 4-6 weeks with the intention to become an employee of yours. We will take care of relocation for you.

Meet the FinTech startup

Open Payments Europe

In 2017, we built a team from scratch for the fintech startup Open Payments Europe, including a CEO/CTO and two software developers.

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