Personal data policy & GDPR

Our full privacy and GDPR policy, published on October 16, 2020


In order to be able to offer you the best attention and service, we need to collect and use certain personal

information about you. This personal data policy sets out what information we collect, how that information is

used, in what situations we share information and the choices you can make regarding that information.

This personal data policy (the Personal Data Policy) applies between Go See Talents, corporate ID no. 559109-

0054, (hereinafter ”Go See Talents”, “we”, “our”, “us”) and you as a user when we collect information from you

when you create a user account in the service (“the service”). In this context, Personal Data; refers to all types of

information that can, either directly or indirectly, be attributed to a living physical person. This may include

information such as your name, your phone number, or your IP address. Go See Talents is responsible for

managing the Personal Data you provide us with whenever you use the Service, as we determine the purpose and

means of processing your personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679



By signing-up to our Service and by making use of the service, you are providing such permission.


a. Name

b. Contact details such as e.g. phone number, address, email address

c. Date of birth

d. Your professional talent data (CV, test results, videos)

e. Personal preferences

f. Images and videos

g. Subscription data (payment and date, although we will not process or store any sensitive

payment details such as e.g. card number)

h. Service Interaction data (such as likes, dislike, share and date of interactions)

i. Date and time of service interactions and requests

j. Referrer-URL, i.e. internet address of the website visited previous to accessing our offering;

3. We process your data in the context of providing services you request of our service because such

processing is necessary in order for you to fully make use of the service “the Service” and its purposes.

This also applies to data you enter in order to use the Service or contact us. For Talents, the purpose of

the service could be: create your digital CV, to share or be matched with possible employers. For

Employers, the purpose of the service could be: create your profile and to be matched with possible


4. When you create a user account in the Service, we automatically collect some information about you.

The following Personal Data is automatically collected:

a. Information about how you use the Service.

b. Technical information, including your unique device ID, language preferences, IP and network

performance information.

c. Geodata


a. To deliver the Service: We process the Personal Data we collect for several different reasons.

The main reason we process the Personal Data we collect is to allow us to deliver the Service to

you, but also to manage, develop and customize the Service and its functions, and to satisfy the

security and other statutory requirements to which we are subject.

b. To improve, develop and analyze the Service: We also process the Personal Data we collect for

the purpose of conducting customer surveys, as well as to analyze, develop and improve the 

user experience of our Service, and to ensure its technical functionality. We may also process

Personal Data in order to be compliant with legal requirements.

c. To communicate with you we also process the Personal Data we collect for the purposes of

communicating with users of the service. If you have not subscribed or have and do not want

us to use your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, you can always contact us and

withdraw the consent you previously gave to receive marketing materials when signing up to

the Service.

d. To enable analysis of historical and aggregated anonymous user data: We conduct analyses of

historical and aggregated anonymous user data in order to improve our understanding of our

customers and thereby improve the Service and its offerings.

e. To collect information from third party platforms in accordance with this Personal Data Policy.


a. We may share your Personal Data and other information with subcontractors for a number of

purposes, including:

i. To provide the Service to you;

ii. To give you access to the Service via third party logins

iii. To provide you with support services;

iv. To manage data storage on external servers;

v. To communicate with you in order to answer any questions you may have about us

and the Service;

vi. To conduct customer analysis and analyze customer behavior, user experience and

use of the Service, etc.;

vii. To personalize the Service in order to maximize your customer experience.

b. These subcontractors act as Personal Data Processors for your Personal Data and will be

subject to the same obligations as Go See Talents in respect of the processing of your Personal


c. Go See Talents only share the necessary personal data needed to provide you with our services

with third parties

d. As our Personal Data Processors may be geographically located both within and outside the

EU/EEA, your Personal Data may be shared and transferred within and outside the borders of

the EU/EEA. All Go See Talents Personal Data Processors comply with relevant EU rules for

data transfer to third countries outside the EU.

e. If necessary, Go See Talents may also share and transfer your Personal Data to third parties in

order to satisfy statutory obligations, e.g. in response to requests from government bodies, to

preserve our legal interests or to detect, prevent or highlight fraud and other security or

technical issues.

f. Go See Talents may share and transfer your Personal Data to Personal Data Processors and

other third parties, but only for the purposes specified in Section 3. E.g. personal data such as

name and email address can be shared with 3rd party suppliers for the intention of inviting the

Talents to tests or video interviews. The sole intention is for managing tests and video

interviews which intentions are to strengthen the Talent’s Profile.

g. Please note, any information you provide to a third-party vendor whose website and service is

integrated with our Service, will be disclosed to that third party and processed in accordance

with that third party vendor’s terms and conditions of use and personal data policy. For such

third-party vendors, you understand and agree that the third party’s personal data policy will

govern all use of information provided to that third party in accordance with this Personal Data



a. You can always feel secure when giving your Personal Data to Go See Talents. We have

implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal Data

we process and always have confidentiality agreements in place covering the data we share

with our subcontractors.

b. We save your Personal Data for the entire time you have a user account for the Service. If you

decide to terminate your user account in accordance with the termination provisions set out in

our terms of use, we will keep your Personal Data for 2 years in order to simplify the 

reactivation of your User Account. You have, upon request to, the

right to cost-free have your personal data permanently deleted. Furthermore, you have a right

subject to the statutory provisions to have such personal data corrected.



a. Go See Talents will update this policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes that

have a significant impact on your account by publishing the changes in the app and sending a

message to you. You will also be notified of the changes the next time you log into the Service.

If the changes are significant, we will also notify you of such changes in a manner appropriate

to the circumstances, e.g. by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided us with and

request your consent to the changes.



a. Go See Talents is responsible for ensuring that your Personal Data is processed in accordance

with applicable legislation. You are entitled, once a year and at no additional cost, to receive

information about what Personal Data Go See Talents holds about you by submitting a written

request to Go See Talents, using our contact information above. Go See Talents will, if asked by

you or through its own initiative, correct Personal Data which appears to be inaccurate or

misleading. In addition, you may also ask that we block your personal data for further

communication by e-mail at any time. However, we emphasize that in instances where we are

required by law to keep your Personal Data, your Personal Data may only be blocked.

b. If any changes occur in the ownership structure of Go See Talents, we shall be entitled to

transfer your information, including your user account and your Personal Data, to the new

owners, regardless of whether they are based within or outside the EU/EEA so that they can

continue to offer you the Service. This includes all transfers to a company within the Go See

Talents. Any new owners must satisfy the undertakings and obligations we have committed to

in accordance with the terms of this Personal Data Policy.


If you have any questions about how we process your Personal Data, or if you want to receive an extract of what

items of your Personal Data we process, you are more than welcome to contact us to
We look forward to hearing from you.