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Work permit, relocation

Work permit and relocation to Europe

Developer job in Europe

Musab from Pakistan

Hi, I’m Musab from Pakistan, I’m a full-stack .Net-developer. I moved to Stockholm last year through Go See Talents, and I love it here because of the landscape, the quality of life, and the working life balance. Thanks!

Developer job in Europe

Jian from China

Hi, my name is Jian. I come from China and I’m a java and software developer. If you really love nature and want to find a good balance between life and work, moving to Stockholm has to be considered. Go See Talent supported me and has helped me to make more friends and learn more about Sweden.

Remote set-up

Remote set-up from Europe to Brazil

Developer job in Europe

Guto from Brazil

Hi everyone! My name is Guto and I come from Brazil. I'm a frontend developer, and thanks to Go See Talents I landed a job in Sweden. Having an interactive CV with coding test scores and video interview helped me to bring my strengths to the fore and find a job rapidly.