The lean principles behind the name

By Go See Talents  |  September 5, 2018

A name can mean nothing or a lot depending on what it is. In our case the name is a cultural emblem that helps us in finding the way forward. The inspiration comes from a way of working that we truly believe in: lean.

As many of you know, the lean movement started at the Toyota Production System and has revolutionized the way of working for countless of people and companies around the world. And as you might have guessed by now, we are not an exception. The lean movement has not only inspired the way we work – it has influenced how we formed our company vision, our culture and our direction.

One key principle behind the Toyota Production System is Genchi Genbutsu (現地現物) which means “Go and See” and suggest that you should go and see for yourself to truly understand. It can also be formulated as the three principles Go See, Ask Why and Show Respect. For us, these three principles reflects how we want to act and together with our company values explore, improve and enjoy, it states who we want to be. Let us explain how.


Go See and explore to stay ahead of relevancy

“Go See” is the cornerstone of any learning process and when we aim for lifelong learning we do it by seeing for ourselves and learning from it. But when it comes to technology, there is quite some fluidity and keeping up with the pace can be hard. We choose instead to embrace change as something that defines us as software professionals and strive to be relevant and on the frontier of the software revolution. This means that we will be where the action is and bring that knowledge back to our hive, where we will share it with each other while hitting the ground at a high pace.

In order to “Go See” and to stay ahead of relevancy, we need to explore. This means that we are eager to learn and to try out new things, and that we embrace that failure is the road to success.


Ask Why to enable improvement

Improvement is one of the strongest key to success. And to make it possible to improve you need to start asking why.

We try to incorporate this mindset into our ideas about mentoring. A mentors main purpose is not to lead the way but to let the student find his own way. This is accomplished by asking questions rather than giving answers. Any individuals journey must in large parts be done by experiencing insights first hand. It is not possible to grow only by instruction. A mentor is showing possibilities by setting an example but otherwise realizes that the road that got her there is not the same road for everyone.


Show Respect to those whose work we inherit and build upon

As a software developer it is often obvious that our work is done on top of a couple of generations that has gone before us. From hardware through operating systems to compilers – there are so much work that has been done in earlier ages that now is considered a common basis for any work. We are literally standing on the shoulders of giants in our field. This makes us humble and grateful to all the work we are building on in our time.

This is also true for any organisation that we found ourselves part off. It is the sum of labour by people that used to work there along with some that still are around. It is easy to look down on systems and efforts from the past, but when thinking about it, it is unlikely that any of those before us didn’t do their best under the circumstances that they had to work. On the contrary this is potentially the best they could come up with. What is perhaps equally important is that the work we do will be seen in a similar light by those that comes after. Always show respect to those whose work we inherit and build upon.


When working at or with Go See Talents, we promise you that we will strive to give you the guidance and support you need to go see for yourself and ask the right questions to decide your own future. We will always do our best to explore and improve together and during the journey we will never forget to enjoy.

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