"Getting the opportunity to put more focus in mentoring feels great"

By Christer Swahn  |  December 13, 2017

I’ve been fortunate to have had a fairly wide range of work experiences. I enjoy the entrepreneurial challenge, but most important to me is personal learning and growth. Entrepreneurship is one way to get that but not the only way.

When I was 22 years old I co-founded my first company, an IT consultancy. A few years later I wanted to experience something different, so I left to join Accenture. Being part of a huge organization meant I was no longer in control of what projects I would work in, but instead I got the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about working with large scale systems, projects, and organizations. After seven years there I moved on to work as an independent consultant with my own firm, seeking out projects that I found interesting. During this period I also got the chance to work with AAA-game engine development at Avalanche Studios, an extremely interesting experience in leading R&D software development at the bleeding edge.

But over the last couple of years I’ve increasingly felt that I wanted to be part of building a company again, and get closer to the startup scene. When I met Johanna and she told me about Go See Talents, I was sold! Go See is about software development, personal growth, industry enablement, professional mentorship, and entrepreneurship. And Fintech being a focus area for us doesn’t hurt since several of my projects have been in the banking industry.


And speaking about mentorship, getting the opportunity to put more focus in mentoring feels great. I’ve always enjoyed watching people grow and helping them to find what they are passionate about and what they want to develop to. For me, in the long run mentorship is about making myself superfluous. If a colleague works with more advanced stuff or takes more responsibilities towards the end of the project compared to its beginning, I think that is a success in itself. I hope that I will be able to do that at Go See Talents.


Christer Swahn

Partner & Senior Consultant

Go See Talents AB


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